Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors.

The business and affairs of the Cooperative shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors. As the policy making body of the Cooperative, The Board of Directors shall formulate and enact policies, rules and regulations for the general welfare of the Cooperative and its members to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of products, services and facilities to its coverage areas through resolutions; review and approve developmental plans and investment programs prepared by the management and staff; and exercise their powers and other duties as provided by these By-Laws. The authority of any individual member of the Board and his powers can be exercised only by actions and determination taken in a regularly called and/or legally held meetings. Such actions and determinations shall be recorded in the official minutes of the Board meetings.

Dir. Manolito B. Lumidao
ChairmanDir. Manolito B. Lumidao
Bayombong - Ambaguio District
Dir. Ramon P. Ramento
Vice ChairpersonDir. Ramon P. Ramento
Solano - Villaverde District
Dir. Eddie J. Crisologo
AuditorDir. Eddie J. Crisologo
Aritao-Sta. Fe - Castaneda District
Dir. Abraham L. Reyes
MemberDir. Abraham L. Reyes
Dupax del Sur - Dupax del Norte District
Dir. Edwin A. Domingo
MemberDir. Edwin A. Domingo
Bagabag - Diadi District
Quezon - Kasibu District

About Nuvelco

National Highway, Brgy. Gabut, Dupax del Sur, Nueva Vizcaya

  • GLOBE 0917-312-5775 HQ

  • GLOBE 0917-306-0494 Solano

  • GLOBE 0917-316-8531 Bayombong

  • GLOBE 0917-304-8268 Bagabag

  • GLOBE 0917-897-0152 Aritao



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