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Nuvelco Conducts “Balik-Aral” Program

New Gumiad, Dupax del Norte. More than 150 students from the barangays of La Conwap, Nagtipunan, Quirino and New Gumiad, Dupax del Norte, Nueva Vizcaya benefited from the early “Balik-Aral” Program of the Nueva Vizcaya Electric Cooperative (Nuvelco) on May 3, 2019.

The “Balik-Aral” program was held at the Bugkalot High School, New Gumiad, Dupax del Norte participated in by Nuvelco employees, teachers of Bugkalot High School, Barangay Officials, representatives from San Miguel Energy Corporation (SMEC) and students from both municipalities.

“We are very grateful because this is the first time that Nuvelco and its partners visited our place and distributed school supplies to the poor residents,” Bugkalot high school principal Menalyn Salvador said.

This service is a big leap to the Bugkalot Tribe’s families to help them cost cut on the expenses on school supplies.

With the social activity conducted, the villagers will no longer travel for almost two hours at the nearest store to buy the needed school supplies.  This will also help them cost-cut in school supplies expenses.

Most of the villagers belong to the indigent families who could hardly provide for the school needs of their kids in school.

The school supplies consist of a bag with notebooks, pencil, papers, ballpen, and color wax.  The activity is a joint partnership with San Miguel Energy Corporation (SMEC).

Barangay La Conwap, Nagtipunan, Quirino and New Gumiad, Dupax del Norte, Nueva Vizcaya is a boundary dispute area where the Bugkalot Tribes thrive for long years.

#Fredel L. Salvador

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