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The franchise granted to NUVELCO the authority to operate an electric light and power service for a period of FIFTY (50) years from June 28, 1979 in the following areas, as follows:

  1. Ambaguio 
  2. Aritao 
  3. Bagabag 
  4. Bayombong 
  5. Bambang 
  6. Diadi 
  7. Dupax del Norte 
  8. Dupax del Sur
  9. Kasibu
  10. Kayapa
  11. Quezon
  12. Santa Fe
  13. Solano
  14. Villaverde
  15. Lamut, Ifugao

In later years the municipality of Lamut was waived in favor of the province of Ifugao where it rightfully belongs. Alfonso Castañeda, a new municipality created in honor of a deceased former governor of the province of Nueva Vizcaya and in whose name the new town was named, was included in the franchise area. The municipality is situated in the southeast portion of Nueva Vizcaya. The inclusion of Alfonso Castañeda was made possible by virtue of special request(s) and strong representation of high government officials.

About Nuvelco

National Highway, Brgy. Gabut, Dupax del Sur, Nueva Vizcaya

  • GLOBE 0917-312-5775 Main Office

  • GLOBE 0917-306-0494 Solano/Villaverde/Quezon

  • GLOBE 0917-451-9654 Bayombong/Ambaguio

  • GLOBE 0917-304-8268 Bagabag

  • GLOBE 0955-920-4038 Diadi

  • GLOBE 0965-883-7291 Bambang/Kayapa

  • GLOBE 0965-411-3308 Aritao/Sta. Fe

  • GLOBE 0977-752-9308 Dupax Sur/Norte



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