The advent of rural electrification in the country gained impetus upon the enactment of Republic Act No. 6038, otherwise known as the NATIONAL ELECTRIFICATION ADMINISTRATION ACT which was approved on August 4, 1969.

RA # 6038 declared a national policy objective for the total electrification of the country on an AREA COVERAGE SERVICE BASIS created the national Electrification Administration (NEA) that was tasked with the organization, promotion, control and supervision of electric cooperatives for the attainment of the objective and also prescribed the terms and conditions for the operation of electric cooperatives.


In the province of Nueva Vizcaya, the organization of an electric cooperative in line with the provisions of RA # 6038 was conceptualized only in March 1971 upon the issuance of MEMORANDUM NO. 395 by the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos to Governor Patricio G. Dumlao, now deceased. The said Memo No. 395 gave specific instruction to the provincial executive to organize the PROVINCIAL ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE TEAM (PECT). After its organization, the members of the PECT were send to attend a ten (10)-day seminar (March 15-25, 1971) held at Los Banos Laguna where they were oriented with the basic skills in the preparation of the feasibility studies relative to the organization of electric cooperative in Nueva Vizcaya.

Participants to the said seminar were:
  1. Mr. Jose Q. Rupac - representing the Presidential assistance on Community Development (PACD)
  2. Mr. Ireneo R. Lazam - representing the cooperative Administration Office (CAO) and the PACD
  3. Engr. Claudio Santiago - representing the then Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, now Department of Education Culture and Sports(DECS).
In the course of their training, the participants wee required to identify FIVE (5) priority areas in Nueva Vizcaya for purposes of electrification in accordance with the guidelines presented by the National Electrification Administration in the selection of study areas, to wit:
  1. Geographical location of the municipalities grouped together;
  2. Population of each municipality;
  3. Distance and economy in establishing distribution system;
  4. Existing industrial consumers;
  5. Absence/adequacy of electricity in the area; and
  6. Potential large industrial consumers.
After finishing with their studies and analyses, the PECT using the above-mentioned guidelines had considered as initial priority for purposes of electrification the following municipalities:
  1. Aritao
  2. Bambang
  3. Bayombong
  4. Dupax
  5. Quezon
The PECT declared that the rationale for identifying the five (5) aforecited municipalities as district priority were:
  1. Said municipalities had better potentials for improvement;
    1. These were centrally located, hence expansion was more economical and probable; There were more
    2. supply for the development of more skills as may have been needed
  2. There was stronger clamor for electricity; and
  3. There were mines discovered and some firms had started operation.
The PECT forwarded its findings/recommendations to the NEA/ NRECA Feasibility Study Team for its approval and the latter bid give its imprimatur on the recommendations of the former. The municipalities of Solano and Bayombong were included in the grouping of the priority areas provided that the franchise waivers of those private electric operators in Solano and Bayombong will be secured. Original, the tenor of the waiver being sought was for the private electric operators to waive the respective franchises on the unserved portions of their franchise coverage. However, after considering and realizing the unfavorable prospects of their entities, the private operators agreed to waive en toto their franchises.

Thus, by virtue of the authority vested in the National Electrification Committee (NEC) through Presidential Decree 269 dated August 6, 1973, Certificate of Franchise was issued to the only electric cooperative in Nueva Vizcaya which we are now referring to as the Nueva Vizcaya Electric Cooperative, Inc. (NUVELCO).

The franchise granted to NUVELCO the authority to operate an electric light and power service for a period of FIFTY (50) years from June 28, 1979 in the following areas, as follows:
  1. Ambaguio 
  2. Aritao 
  3. Bagabag 
  4. Bayombong 
  5. Bambang 
  6. Diadi 
  7. Dupax del Norte 
  8. Dupax del Sur
  9. Kasibu
  10. Kayapa
  11. Quezon
  12. Santa Fe
  13. Solano
  14. Villaverde
  15. Lamut, Ifugao
In later years the municipality of Lamut was waived in favor of the province of Ifugao where it rightfully belongs. Alfonso Castañeda, a new municipality created in honor of a deceased former governor of the province of Nueva Vizcaya and in whose name the new town was named, was included in the franchise area. The municipality is situated in the southeast portion of Nueva Vizcaya. The inclusion of Alfonso Castañeda was made possible by virtue of special request(s) and strong representation of high government officials.


After its inception way back in September 26, 1972, Nueva Vizcaya Electric Cooperative, Inc. concentrated itself with administrative preparations, surveys, including dissemination campaigns. Meantime, no construction of new lines were made. An Office was then established in Bambang at the ground floor of a residential building owned by late Dr. Florentino Bernardo and located along the Maharlika Highway. During that time, NUVELCO was under the management of Engr. Dominador Altarejos, a personnel from NEA. Incidentally, Engr, was Altarejos was later appointed as the first General Manager of the Electric Cooperative.

On May 16, 1977, NUVELCO officially took over the franchise area of the Solano Electric Corporation (SELCO), the private franchise holder in the municipality of Solano which was established in 1965. At the time of coop's assumption over the management of SELCO, the latter had 1537 consumers who were concentrated in the Poblacion and nearby outskirts of Solano. The private electric operator was self-generating using three (3) stationary, diesel-fed GENSETS with a combined capacity of 575 KW.


Engr. Adolfo M. Melgar replaced Engr. Altarejos as acting General Manager. His term was short-lived as he served for about eight months only as he was recalled by NEA. AGM Melgar's accomplishments chiefly consisted in the recruitment and hiring new employees who augmented the "take-over" employees that numbered thirteen (13). Following AGM Melgar was Engr. Genaro O. Cada, who also from NEA. He served as acting General Manager. Like his predecessor, during Engr. Cada's term, which was also short-lived as he was recalled to the NEA, there were no line expansion made so the management's priority was directed towards the acquisition of additional generating sets to augment the units that were taken over the private electric operator. Thus, the cooperative was able to acquire from a sister cooperative, the CAMARINES DEL NORTE ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE (CANORECO) two (2) MAN GENSETS, with a combined capacity of 964 KW.

After the recall of Engr. Cada to the NEA, Engr. Florentino E. Boa Jr., another NEA personnel was installed as the next acting General Manager. During his term, line expansion to the other portions of the area coverage were undertaken. For instance, construction of line leading to the other barangays of Solano, to the neighboring towns of Nueva Vizcaya like Bayombong, Bambang, Bagabag, Quezon, etc. were undertaken. So that, as more areas of the province were energized, the demand for electricity increased. But as NUVELCO is self-generating, supply of electric energy is limited. The coop then directed its attention towards the NATIONAL POWER CORPORATION which at the time was feverishly constructing its 69 KV transmission lines. On November 1981, NUVELCO was finally tapped with NPC.

Engr. Boa was similarly recalled to the NEA personnel in the person of Engr. Gerardo C. Espino. During his term, Engr. Espino initiated the expansion of lines towards the southern municipalities of Aritao, Sta. Fe and Kayapa. Besides, he was able to resuscitate the almost depleted coffers of the coop. Because of this, the coop was again ready to take in a regular General Manager. Accordingly, the position was advertised in newspaper of national circulation. After screening of the applicants, the NUVELCO Board chose Arch. Felix D. Abesamis as the second locally appointed general manager. He served effective Sept. 1981 to October 1989. GM Abesamis's accomplishments included energization of the municipality of Diadi and additional barangays in other municipalities that were previously energized. Mr. Florencio G. Tuzon, Sr. then COMD Manager was designated as officer in Charge in lieu of GM Abesamis who went to Korea under an Official travel from November-December, 1984. He retired in November 1, 1989 due to health reasons.

GM Abesamis was succeeded by another personnel from the NEA who served as Project Supervisor/acting General Manager immediately following the retirement of Abesamis up to July 11, 1994. That NEA personnel was in the person of Engr. Merlin T. Rosales during his term, personnel reorganization was undertaken in April 1991. Also, it was during the term of GM Rosales that portion of the municipality of Ambaguio was energized. In view of this, it could be said that the coop was able to energize of its all area coverage in terms of total number of municipalities.

AGM Rosales was recalled in July 12, 1994. An Officer-In Law Charge was installed in the person of Mrs. Nelly R. Cayaban who oversaw the operations of the coop pending the selection of the third local general manager.

On August 26, 1994, NEA confirmed the Board's endorsement of Atty. Essex L. Silapan. He assumed as General Manager effective September 1, 1994 under a six (6) month probationary period.

The first few months of GM Silapan's administration was remarkably good. However his term has been abbreviated in view of some issues that had become un controllable.

Mr. Samuel R. Galamay, the manager of Engineering Service Department and one of the take-over' employees was designated as Officer-in-Charge last May 19, 1995. He continuously assumed as OIC-General Manager in as much Board continued to bestow upon him their trust and confidence. Thus, OIC Galamay held on to his designation until the board has chosen the next regularly appointed local General Manager. Subsequently, after the position of the General Manager was advertised, and all the processes and procedures were accordingly adhered to, the Board has chosen the 4th local General Manager of NUVELCO last June 19, 1997. The NEA confirmed the appointment on July 5, 1997.

ENGR. JESUS T. LIGOT whose endorsement by the NUVELCO Board had been confirmed by NEA last July 5, 1997 officially assumed as the coop's 4th locally selected General Manager affective the same date.

In his inaugural address GM Ligot made mention of his priority concerns among which are the enhancing of the coop's communication facilities, technology information, service reliability and a determined campaign against pilferers of electricity.

This early, considering that he has just been installed as General Manager barely over two months ago, the administration of GM Ligot could not yet be adequately evaluated vis-a-vis his priority projects.

On May 9, 1998, the members of the NUVELCO Board have passed a resolution appointing Mr. Patrick A. Flores as Officer-in-Charge, General Manager of the cooperative as per Resolution No. 24, S-1998 while pending the appointment of a regular General Manager.

Mr. Patrick A. Flores is the Internal Auditor of the cooperative and because he is an employee, the members of the Board believes that he could drive the cooperative to what it aims for considering that he already knew the prevailing problems not only of the cooperative but the employees.

After sometime because of the outstanding performance as revealed by the evaluation conducted by the members of the Board, members of the Board passed a resolution appointing Mr. Patrick A. Flores as the regular General Manager of the electric cooperative as per Board Resolution No. 98-60.

The then NEA Administrator, Conrado M. Estrella, III concurred the appointment of GM Patrick A. Flores on his letter dated 11 February 1999 effected January 1, 1999.

Being an Internal Auditor and since he had a thorough background on the operations of the cooperative, during his incumbency the cooperative bagged twice the award as Prompt Payor of its amortization loan from the National Electrification Administration (NEA).

In view of the early retirement of GM Patrick A. Flores on May 31, 2006, the Board passed a resolution designating Engr. Narciso S. Salunat as Officer-In-Charge General Manager of the electric cooperative as per Resolution No. 39, Series of 2006 pending the appointment of a regular general manager. He assumed the office as officer-in-charge on June 1, 2006.

Engr. Narciso S. Salunat serves as Board Director of NUVELCO for more than five (5) years and holds managerial positions of the cooperative for more than seven (7) years. With this length of service, the members of the Board believe that he can manage the cooperative towards its aim.

Immediately upon his assumption of office, he devoted much of his time working for his numerous projects in different barangays funded by the Department of Energy (DOE). He also started the implementation of the Theme for Regionalize Anti-Pilferage Program (TRAP).

Because of his great effort and with the cooperation of the employees the cooperative was able to secure a Provisional Registration with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) on August 18, 2006.

Likewise, he initiated the filing of petition re: In the matter of application for the Approval of the Rate Adjustments in accordance with provisions of RA 9136 with prayer for provisional authority, which are now pending before the Energy Regulatory Board for approval.

Aside from this, in behalf of the cooperative, he entered into a contract with Smithbell for the construction of a mini hydro located at Commonal, Solano, Nueva Vizcaya, the ceremonial signing of which was held on November 7, 2006.  The commercial operation of the mini-hydro took effect on April 15, 2011

The Chairman of NUVELCO Board at present is Lopito Lloyd T. Valdez, who represents the district of Bambang and Kayapa.

Just last March 1, 2010, the CDA was issued its re-registration certificates with Registration Certificate No. 9520-02008739.  As a result thereof, a Tax Exemption certificate was issued by the BIR, Revenue Region No. 3 for a period of five (5) years or until April 1, 2016.

Dir. Ramon Ramento was unanimously appointed per a member of the board BR No. 23, S-2011 on April 1, 2011 in lieu of former Director Johnny B. Liban, now member of the provincial board north area. He took his oath of office on April 9, 2011 during the 31st AGMA.

One of the coop’s director representing the District of Bagabag and Diadi, Johnny M. Sevillena, won as Mayor of the Municipality of Bagabag during the May 13, 2013 election. He was succeeded by Byron C. Sevillena who assumes office on September 1, 2013 by virtue of the selection made by the Board Directors among the nominees submitted by the MCECs.


The head office is located along the National Highway of Brgy. Gabut, Dupax del Sur, Nueva Vizcaya.



Alfonso Castaneda

Poblacion, Alfonso Castaneda, Nueva Vizcaya


No existing collection office but was served by a contractor


Poblacion, Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya


Public Market, Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya


LGU Compound, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya


LGU Compound, Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya


LGU Compound, Diadi, Nueva Vizcaya

Dupax del Norte

Poblacion, Dupax del Norte

Dupax del Sur

LGU Compound, Dupax del Sur, Nueva Vizcaya


LGU Compound, Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya


No existing collection office but was served by a contractor


Solano Public Market, Solano, Nueva Vizcaya and partly served by a contractor

Santa Fe

LGU Compound, Sta. Fe, Nueva Vizcaya


Solano Public Market, Solano, Nueva Vizcaya


Bintawan, Villaverde, Nueva Vizcaya


Because of the fact of ever growing number of consumer inside the franchise area of Nueva Vizcaya Electric Cooperative, the cooperative is also continuing finding the best solution to serve its member consumer respectively.

Due to many complaints on paying their bill, late midyear the coop started to engage on Savemore Bill collection to cater the needs of its consumer on paying their monthly bill. Current Power bills on NUVELCO can now be paid on any Savemore bills payment inside Nueva Vizcaya.

Nuvelco also develop a warehousing inventory system to monitor all the materials regarding all transaction on purchasing materials to have secured, fast and reliable flow of the operation. All of which will redound to build-up of corporate image.

About Nuvelco

National Highway, Brgy. Gabut, Dupax del Sur, Nueva Vizcaya

  • GLOBE 0917-312-5775 Main Office

  • GLOBE 0917-306-0494 Solano/Villaverde/Quezon

  • GLOBE 0917-451-9654 Bayombong/Ambaguio

  • GLOBE 0917-304-8268 Bagabag

  • GLOBE 0955-920-4038 Diadi

  • GLOBE 0965-883-7291 Bambang/Kayapa

  • GLOBE 0965-411-3308 Aritao/Sta. Fe

  • GLOBE 0977-752-9308 Dupax Sur/Norte

  • EMAILnuvelco@yahoo.com


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