Nuvelco Receives Commendation for the 2016 National Election

The Nueva Vizcaya Electric Cooperative (Nuvelco) receives commendation from the National Electrification Administration (NEA) for its preparation and active participation during the conduct of the peace, orderly, and honest May 9, 2016 National and Local Elections.

A certificate of appreciation was given to the cooperative in recognition of its commitment, timeless effort and relentless support in the conduct of the Power Task Force Election 2016 which ensured adequate and reliable power supply during the said elections.

Distribution utilities like Nuvelco is mandated by the national government particularly the Department of Energy (DOE) to maintain reliable and uninterrupted supply of electricity during the said elections which is necessary to power the PCOS machine and transmittal of election results.

Upon the deputization of Commission on Elections (Comelec) on the DOE, NEA and Nuvelco, the Power Task Force Election was created for the delivery of adequate, stable and reliable power supply before, during and after the national and local elections.

Among the strategies undertaken by Nuvelco prior to the election dates are preventive maintenance of all power facilities, clearing of lines, replacement of defective poles, and over-loaded distribution transformers.  Coordination with the school’s representative was also undertaken to determine their respective needs.

Further, Nuvelco has created its own task force named Bantay Ilaw 2016 to strengthen the Power Task Force Election.


About Nuvelco

National Highway, Brgy. Gabut, Dupax del Sur, Nueva Vizcaya

  • GLOBE 0917-312-5775 Main Office

  • GLOBE 0917-306-0494 Solano/Villaverde/Quezon

  • GLOBE 0917-451-9654 Bayombong/Ambaguio

  • GLOBE 0917-304-8268 Bagabag

  • GLOBE 0955-920-4038 Diadi

  • GLOBE 0965-883-7291 Bambang/Kayapa

  • GLOBE 0965-411-3308 Aritao/Sta. Fe

  • GLOBE 0977-752-9308 Dupax Sur/Norte



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