TransCo to Collect Additional Power Bill Charge

Gabut, Dupax del Sur. Consumers will expect an increase in their power bill as an item will be added in their power bill showing additional charge in line with the collection of Feed-in-Tariff Allowance.

This is in line with the Energy Regulatory Commission’s (ERC) Order dated 9 May 2017 in the case filed by National Transmission Corporation (TransCo) for the collection the Feed-In-Tariff Allowance and the Disbursement of the Feed-In-Tariff Allowance Fund which approved the implementation of 2016 FIT-All rate of P0.1830/kWh effective in the succeeding billing period.

The Nueva Vizcaya Electric Cooperative (Nuvelco), as a collection agent, has no other option but to implement the new FIT-All rate of P0.1830/kWh from all consumers, collect the same starting June 2017 Billing Month (May 26, 2017 - June 25, 2017) and directly remit it to TransCo.

As a collection agent, Evelyn B. Guevara, Institutional Manager of Nuvelco, explained that Nuvelco will not benefit at all from the collection of additional FIT-All rate because whatever collection it has made will all be remitted to TransCo.
TransCo is a government agency created under Republic Act 9136 or the Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA) of 2001 and was designated as administrator of FIT-All. It is also required to make an annual determination of the FIT-All rate.
Under the Renewable Energy Law, FIT-All serves as an incentive for further investments in the renewable energy (RE) sector. FIT-All is a uniform charge billed on all on-grid electricity consumers who are supplied with electricity sourced from qualified renewable energy generators.

The dispositive portion of the order provides: “WHEREFORE, the foregoing premises considered, the Commission hereby authorizes the National Transmission Corporation (TransCo) to collect an additional Feed-In-Tariff Allowance (FIT-All) of Php0.0590/kWh, thereby bringing the FIT-All toPhp0.1830/kWh as the 2016 FIT-All rate, under ERC Case Number 2015-216RC, In the Matter of the Application for the Approval of the Feed-in Tariff Allowance (FIT-All) for the Calendar Year 2016 Pursuant to the Guidelines for Collection of the Feed-In-Tariff Allowance and the Disbursement of the Feed-In-Tariff Allowance Fund, with Prayer for Provisional Authority. This shall take effect in the immediately succeeding billing period following the receipt by TransCo of the instant Decision.”# Fredel L. Salvador.

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