Local Electric Coop Ensures Power Service Reliability on 2013 Barangay Election

The Nueva Vizcaya Electric Cooperative (NUVELCO assures the public of its active participation in ensuring electric power service reliability during the October 28, 2013 Barangay Election.

In the advisory given by the cooperative, all area offices and linemen were directed to undertake necessary activities and implement a Load Management Program to ensure the continues supply of electric power before, during and after the October 28 election.

Engineer Narciso Salunat, NUVELCO general manager, told that under the Load Management Program as mandated by the National Electrification Administration (NEA), personnel were told to coordinate with the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) to monitor the status of electric power supply and to strictly follow the Notice and/or Schedule of load curtailment coming from the NGCP. Establishments with big loads will also be advised to reduce their power consumption.

Before the election, NUVELCO management has already prepared and implemented clearing of lines, rehabilitation and maintenance program to ensure readiness during election day.  As the election day approaches, inspection of the entire distribution system and perform preventive maintenance and replacement of defective/deteriorating components were already done, engineer Salunat added.

Each municipalities will be deployed a skeletal force on 24-hour for any power interruption or equipment breakdown.  All sub-offices will be manned by coop’s personnel to ensure that proper coordination and quick response to any trouble shall be attended.# Fredel L. Salvador

11 Sitios Energized
Three hundred seven (307) households were recently benefitted by the extension of line projects implemented by the Nueva Vizcaya Electric Cooperative (NUVELCO) as a result of the completion of the extension of line projects  of11 sitios located in the different municipalities of the province.

Engineer Narciso S. Salunat, Nuvelco general manager, said that the completed projects are Sitio Tawi-Tawi, Bonifacio, Quezon; Sitio Awa, Labang, Ambaguio; Sitio Boot, Labang, Ambaguio; Sitio Upper Nalay-an, Awa, Labang, Ambaguio; Sitio Benay, Bagumbayan, Dupax del Sur; Sitio Bannawag, Aggub, Solano; Sitio Upper Bitnong; Nantawakan, Kasibu; Purok 4, Pallas, Pallas, Bambang; Sitio Binengbeng, Babadi, Kayapa; Sitio Upper, Dagupan, Quezon; and Sitio Lower Ay-ay, Dagupan, Quezon.

The cooperative has clarified that the completed to mean that the sitio distribution lines are in place while energized means that there are households in the sitio already enjoying electric service and that pre-connection requirements have been fully complied with by the house-owner.

It is emphasized that the success of electrification program is not measured by the number of sitios that were electrified but it is gauged primarily by the lives of the beneficiaries that have improved, the economic activities that emerged and the advancement in education and health services in the rural areas made possible by the availability of electric service.

Local officials of the said barangay expressed their deep appreciation to NUVELCO for the continued implementation of the projects notwithstanding the fact that extension of line does not contribute any income but rather it is loss on the part of the cooperative.

#Fredel L. Salvador

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