NEA Reaffirms Support to NUVELCO on Total Electrification

With over half million Vizcayano households still having no access to electricity in the province, the National Electrification Administration (NEA) has reaffirmed its commitment to the Nueva Vizcaya Electric Cooperative (Nuvelco) to hasten the implementation of the government's total electrification program.

NUVELCO General Manager Lopito Lloyd Valdez made the assurance when the National Electrification Administration has earmarked funds for the energization of 28 sitios of the province mostly located in the far-flung areas.

It is the government’s social obligation to bring the services of electricity to every doorsteps of every Filipino house.

Though the NEA, in partnership with 121 ECs, has energized an estimated 12.5 million households in the country, NEA Administrator Edgard Masongsong said reaching the most remote and inaccessible villages is still a challenge.

"We commit that with this innovation, with this technology, we will be able to fast-track rural electrification, we will be able to fast-track total electrification, we will be able to realize total development," he said.

NEA data show there are 1,702 off-grid areas without electricity access spread across the country. Of this number, around 1,003 off-grid areas are in Mindanao alone, and 557 in Visayas and 142 in Luzon.

About Nuvelco

National Highway, Brgy. Gabut, Dupax del Sur, Nueva Vizcaya

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